New Spiral Notebooks with Fort McHenry Photographs

Now Have Fort McHenry Scenes On Your Own Notebook

Fort Mchenry Spiral Notebook

A new product by the company fulfilling our art photography orders is already proving to be popular. Bill Swartwout Photography photographs are now available on Spiral Notebooks.

These custom notebooks measure 6″ x 8″ and include 120 pages that are lined on both sides. The artwork is printed on the front cover which is made of thick paper stock. The back cover is medium gray in color. There is  pocket on the inside of the back cover for storing thin items and (maybe) even a pen.

Spiral Notebook Interior

All of the Art Photographs at Bill Swartwout Photography are available as prints on these Spiral Notebooks. The Fort McHenry Spiral Notebook choices are located HERE.

Note: There is no watermark appearing on any of these finished products. 



On Post at Fort McHenry

Welcome to being “on post” at the fort.

Fort McHenry Exterior

The above photograph, Fort McHenry Exterior, is offered on canvas or as a framed print in sizes up to 60″ x 40″ by Bill Swartwout Photography at The scene was captured at the approximate area of entering the grounds of the original fort.

Edge of The Post at Fort McHenryThe narrative from this placard reads:
Welcome! You are Now “On Post”
Fort McHenry, like military bases today, comprised many buildings. If you were here in 1814, you would be standing of the edge of the outer frill field. Behind it stood two buildings: a gun shed, where small field cannons were stored, and a stable for officers’ horses (foundations outlined in brick). A brick tavern sat just outside the entrance gate near those structures.

Fort McHenry - On Post - placard

The image on the placard above depicts: In 1814 two main roads led from the fort. One went to the city, and the other to the government dock. The scene above depicts an autumn day in 1814. The British have long since departed but the garrison remains on alert.

For more detail and to shop related Fort McHenry photographs visit Bill Swartwout Photography.